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All About Love Sparks Passion & Emotion

Angela R. Peterson has always loved music — especially music that had meaning and told a story. She believes music heals the soul, and that it speaks to and validates others' feelings and issues. That's why her debut album, All About Love, tells seven stories of love — stories that explain the desires and heartache that we all experience. Her soulful CD combines a variety of musical flavors, including R&B, Latin, alternative, and blues. Lyrically speaking, her tracks approach the topic of love from various perspectives, including:

• Being Bewildered by One Love
• A Woman's Sarcastic Apology for Love
• Not Having and Needing Love
• Wanting a Loved One to Engage Deeper in a Relationship

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"Sweet Thunder" Coming Soon

Check back soon for tracks from her latest EP "Sweet Thunder," which is currently in post-production with BGM Music.
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